Healing through music. Yabesh’s “Jhari” releasing tomorrow.

After a successful debut release “Laakhau Hajarau”, Yabesh Thapa is now ready for his second release “Jhari”. The song was scheduled to release earlier which later got postponed due to the ongoing pandemic around the world. The song depicts the inner feelings of an individual who is lost and isolated trying to escape from the world he lives in. This is a complete new taste compared to the previous release where we will hear Yabesh talking about grief, sorrow, fear, loss, pain and a light one seeks for to move out of the blind alley. The music has been crafted beautifully through his vocal, composition, guitar strums, plucks and some spacious vibe added by Storenutter. We often tend to misunderstand and sometimes ignore the inner voice of a person we talk to. Sharing and expressing what we actually feel inside will help us build up a better bond which will develop relationships among people.

The music video has been shot by Pritika Shrestha. “The video wouldn’t have come alive without Prashant Magar, Nikhil Dangol, Michelle RL Rana and Rajasi Niraula, the actors“; says the director, Gaurav Tamang.

Jhari” more of a perspective or say an action of building a subtle connection with the audience seeking inner peace.

Releasing the lyrical video on Yabesh’s official youtube channel tomorrow, 25th of March at 5:00pm.

Note: Stay home. Take care. Stay positive.

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