Vek feat. Lil Rock – “Sangharsha” on the way

ClassX Presentation brings to you our very own, Vek and Lil Rock with their upcoming number, ‘Sangharsha’. Get ready to witness some amazing collaboration in the scene! While currently under production, the video is directed by Anup Sapkota. And, we are all anticipating a fantastic one!

Expected to be out soon, the song ‘Sangharsha’ from Vek’s album ‘Sampanna’, is also produced by Lil Rock. Lil Rock, Sydney based rapper, songwriter and producer from Nepal, has done some amazing job with the production of the song along with his bars on it . Where, Vek, as always, has given his heart and soul to the musical piece.
Well, this soon-to-be released number from Vek X Lil Rock could amaze our listeners. So, brace yourself onto it!
Have a great day!

Photographer: Prasanna Bijukchhe
Author: Reliza Shrestha

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