Ae Mutu, all set for the release

Yabesh and Zeroo have recently come up with their yet another mellow number ‘Ae Mutu’ written about a year ago, Yabesh says that the song in itself is him conversing with his heart.
He says that with the song, he is trying to portray his experiences as a teenager who is looking out for eternal love. The one like a diamond – the one that lasts forever.
However, the singer did feel something missing out after finishing writing the song. He further stated that the song needed some particular zest to it – something that could complete it.
Then it was Zeroo who hopped into the scene. Zeroo, spitting his verses on fire, has done an incredible job of fixing the missing puzzle pieces of the song.
Manoj Maharjan, Ananda K Maharjan, Dujaw Man Chitrakar has done a beautiful job in the lyrical video production. James Khati has supported us in every way possible during this entire process. Mixed and mastered by Snjv; the song grabs the ‘must listen’ banner. You can also exclusively purchase it with eSewa through our website.

It will be released on Sunday, September 27.

Author: Reliza Shrestha

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