Easi 12’s brand new EP “Takin’ Chances”.

Our very own Easi 12 has lately dropped his EP ‘Takin’ Chances’. With fresh tunes and a little variation from his ‘Sick-jam Songs’, Easi has packed 7 tracks to this extended play. What’s even cooler is that you will get to hear other artists: Duke and Ace T featuring in his tracks.

Unquestionably, you can expect burst of rhymes, subtle melodies and superb lyrical content in this EP. ‘Serenity’, a track from the album is out already with its video.

With multiple finest producers – Storenutter, Seishii, Purple Sky, Purple Melodies and Ashal; you will get to hear some super pleasing music and grooving beats. The album was mixed and mastered at ClassX Presentation. You can purchase it in our website through e-sewa. ‘Takin’ Chances’ is also available in all major streaming platforms. So why not support good home-grown music, and get yourself one?
Happy Listening!

Buy “Takin’ Chances”.

Author: Reliza Shrestha

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