Khusbu Gurung’s first single on the way.

Who is up for a sweet treat? Well, get your mellophones on! Our upcoming artist, Khusbu Gurung is bringing to you her very new single “Timi ra Ma”.

With no doubts, you would presume the song to be a romantic number, by the title of it. Moreover, who knows what miracles could happen if ‘you and I’ (timi ra ma) combine? Ahem! Now, doesn’t that sound romantic? Khusbu has a charm of her own, and as for her vocals, expect it to be butter-smooth. Well, this upcoming song could be your new favorite love song.

The song is produced by Storenutter, so definitely, we will witness him cast his magical beats here. Mixed and Mastered at ClassX Presentation, ‘Timi ra Ma’ will also be coming with it’s official music video. The video was shot in Chobhar and stars Ashish Tamang.

Author: Reliza Shrestha

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