Dong’s RAAVANA all set for the release

Dong has been THE artist to look out for if one has a keen taste for what hip-hop has to offer. After dropping back to back bangers such as the incredibly lyrical “Atmaghati” accompanied by an equally impressive music video to go along with it, and the mellow, heartfelt, boom-bap influenced track “K Ma Haasna sakchu ra”, Dong is back with yet another exhibition of his Hip-hop versatility with the heavy trap-influenced track “Ravana” from his upcoming and much-awaited sophomore album “Pratibimba”. 

For those who appreciate Dong’s unrivaled consistency in picking good beats, you can rest assured that this track will not let you down. Produced by our in-house instrumental concoctionist SNJV, this upbeat pop smoke-inspired instrumental is very reminiscent of the UK drill sound and will perk up the ears of anybody who pays attention to the contemporary trends in hip-hop. Unquestionably though, Dong’s braggadocious turnt up flow and insanely intricate lyricism is the highlight of this track.

Directed by our very own multifaceted talent, VEK, this video is just as impressive as the track, which is no small feat to achieve. With Traveler’s Film Crew overseeing the lights;  Pratham Prajapati, Samrajya Shrestha, and Vek together finessed all camera work with incredible mastery. Thanks to our production managers; Alone Gurung and Sagar Shrestha for navigating the entire project well towards the end, despite a tough shoot with our team of bikers from crossfire in the chosen stunt location — Hidden action Nepal. The music video was further augmented with creative designs by Ashish Tamang and Samrajya Shrestha. 

Makeup artist Mila Shrestha’s skillful effort in the music video appears in harmony with the wardrobe selection meticulously hand-picked from Gurkha store — a budding brand for anyone wanting to take their love for the beat to their streetwear aesthetics. The delectable craft service on the set was courtesy of ‘The Bar’.

This track by Dong is a surefire composition to bring a brand new wave into the Nepali hip-hop scene. 

Everything is set in motion for the release of this newest banger on April 23rd. 

Be sure to mark your calendars and keep an eye out for the drop!

Author: Riti Shrestha

3 thoughts on “Dong’s RAAVANA all set for the release

  1. Saman says:

    What an explanation. Truly a craft of writing. Explained so well. Kudos to the whole team and the writer of this blog.

  2. Bee says:

    Reading this I swear I really feel proud. The labels in Nepal are being so professional. Finally , I can send a link to my foreigner friends to check the Nepali labels.

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