Sickjam all set for the new release

Following last week’s drop “Gang”, Kathmandu based rap trio Sickjam, is set to release their highly anticipated collaborative track with an incredibly revered artist, Gaurab Subba aka Duke — who has been in the Nepali hip-hop scene ever since the old school hip-hop era of Nepsydaz, Hakim, and Madzone.

Duke and his way with words traced evidently in groups such as the Lyrics Indie, along with his spoken word performative poetry at the Word Warrior events, adds to his mastery in depicting the art of writing through not only his rap-verses but also poetry, prose and literature. 

Sickjam’s bona fide drop “Hereko Herai” with its laid-back undertone, conveys a glaring yet meaningful message — which is buttoned up with an admirable music video and a scrupulous production. This drop is a window into what fans can expect from their upcoming tracks and this collaboration. Their uninterrupted bangers dropped this past year have admirably demonstrated each of their individual and also a collective potential. 

Easi 12, Trix, and Dayjen’s dynamic synergy consistently devises their slick flow that glides seamlessly over a super propulsive beat. DUKE joins them in this project with his intricately woven wordplays, illustrating his eloquent knack for writing. Together, they’ve worked on this track that is undoubtedly a perfect blend of incredible lyricism, rhythmic flow of verses, and a gratifying production.  

We can expect the team mingling to a thoroughly produced beat by our skillful artist and also a talented rapper himself, Nasty, engineered in our very own studio at ClassX. SickJam, with their versatile and contemporary patterns meshed with Duke’s nostalgic Nepali old-school hip-hop background, is sure to impress all of our avid hip-hop listeners. 

Keep an eye out to witness Duke’s comeback and his long-awaited collaboration with SickJam.  

We’re all set to release this Sunday, 30th of May. 

Stay safe! 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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