Singer/songwriter Samriddhi Rai — fond of expressing herself through multiple endeavors, including journalism, vlogging of adventurous travels, and media — has been a leading persona in the Nepali music industry. Her indisputable vigor, along with a high spirit, pervades in her songwriting, which has primarily been bold, potent with a lyrical expression of social issues, self-love, and empowerment. Through her uplifting debut song “Biswas”, the playful and self-empowering “Ma Dami Chhu”, and later release “Ma chhai Nepali” which was very well-acclaimed by fans, her artistry has been imparted into all of her musical projects. 

An endeared musician and an idiosyncratic talent, Vek, with his soulful, awe-striking vocal, has managed to gain a lot of adoration from the fans and followers in recent years. Venturing to explore and experiment with his music sensibilities, he has consistently devised impressive new drops this past year. His incessant enthusiasm in music, versatile vocals, and exuberance is expressed seamlessly into songs such as the soulful and poignant “Eklai Jiuna Sikey”, the fan-favorite rich, melodic “Lai Bari Lai”, and the kinetic recent release “Soch”. 

Our multifaceted duo Samriddhi and Vek had together been making strides since before the recent lockdown, to craft this fresh new collaborative song. These charismatic personalities in this mystique collaboration undeniably carry their shared nuggets of musical wisdom that will assuredly be worth relishing. Fans can expect yet another exhilarating experience through this song, put together meticulously by Vek and Samriddhi with a lot of passion and energy. 

This pop track’s accompanying music video — through sophisticated camerawork of Pratham Prajapati and Samrajya Shrestha — paints the musical track into a picturesque visual form that is very well attuned with Vek’s methodical direction. Well underway, the music video also features scrupulous dance moves choreographed by T-Sam, embellishing with the track’s conceptual, visual, and musical arrangement. The music video visually encapsulates a subtle pendulating feeling, the back and forth tugs of an unrequited disposition, as Vek falls in love and attempts to pursue Sam while she, on the other hand, exhibits her desire to remain friends. 

We hope that you are as eager in anticipation for this release as we are. Buckle up and stay tuned in for the drop!

Stay safe. 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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