DONG, our slick and savvy rapper, has been releasing back-to-back bangers in the past couple of years of his presence in the industry rendering him a supportive firm fan base. For fans who’ve been there since day one, and for the new crowd, DONG had been relentlessly working on his highly awaited sophomore album ‘Pratibimba’; an extension of a mixtape released in 2018 with the same name. Initially anticipated to be released in 2020, the pandemic has allowed DONG to add a few more tracks as well as further refine and garnish the album into a favorable level that he had always intended. 

As the name goes “Pratibimba”, meaning reflections, the album is an amalgamation of contemplations and reflections of his musical journey. With multiple tracks, including a few collaborations, this album as DONG intended, has experimentative sounds with a versatile range of genres — each different track is designed to set a very different and peculiar mood. He has shaped the tracks in this album to express his authentic style as well as incorporate inspiration from the mannerism of artists he enjoys and listens to. 

The entire album was developed and mastered as a coalition of our in-house producers SNJV, Storenutter, and RollerX. The familiarity between DONG and the producers has helped in the sophistication of the album into a result that’s appealing for both the fans and the artist himself. The diligent crafting of this album will assuredly fit into the pocket of fan’s constant support and appreciation. 

For the ones who’ve supported DONG by pre-ordering the album, it has been delivered and well received. While for the ones who haven’t gotten their hands on it yet, the album with its full tracklist will be available on all major streaming platforms by the 10th of September. So far, two tracks; “Raavana” with its music video, and “Luki Rakh” with a lyric video were consecutively released, both of which had overwhelming response and recognition. We are actively engaged to release the remaining tracks with their music videos in the future. 

With immense gratitude for the consistent love and support shown by fans and supporters throughout DONG’s musical journey, we hope that this album will be equally appreciated and will make up a great addition to your playlists. 

Take care, and stay safe!

Author: Riti Shrestha

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