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ClassX Spotlight is an in-house campaign that started a few years ago as a series of music videos featuring songs from aspiring passionate musicians of Nepal. As the name suggests ClassX spotlight is a project forged to create a peculiar space for artists to exhibit their musical expression, musical exploration, and experimentation; bringing them forth for listeners to discover fresh new voices and their next possible favorite artist. 

Previously ClassX spotlight had two seasons each comprising cover songs from various artists along with a corresponding music video. This third season will feature original songs from compelling new talents set on exploring their musical voice and identity. Each original will have a music video accompanying the track. 

The first pick of this series portrayed Sumit Singh Thapa, a singer/songwriter who had started his musical endeavors a long time back. Reggae had always been the dominant genre of his interest and his music too has substantial reggae influences. He paid tribute to his number one musical icon Bob Marley through a cover song “Get up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley himself back in 2005.

For the first lineup in this season of ClassX spotlight, we released the song “Yatri”, an original song by Sumit Singh Thapa, last week. The song is laid-back with playful trumpet fills, set with a groovy mood, and topped up with a lyrically sanguine disposition. An accompanying music video captures an authentic depiction of a typical day in Kathmandu, its streets, alleys, and their people, tying in gracefully with the lively upbeat musical track. 

For this week’s coming release on Friday, we are excited to be introducing an original single by Lujan Rai Dongol, an emerging new singer/songwriter. 

With plenty more originals and various other artists lined up for their release, we hope to introduce new faces, new voices, and new talents for listeners to discover and admire. 

Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!

Author: Riti Shrestha

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