Lujan’s Sapanako Ghar

With our hope to introduce new faces and brand new voices to our listeners, we have dropped two originals for the ClassX Spotlight series so far. For the second episode of this series, Kathmandu-based singer-songwriter Lujan Rai Dongol was featured with his original song “Sapanako Ghar”. He is an emerging young talent with a mellow, soothing voice and an individualistic approach to his songwriting. His musical style leans more towards a lo-fi feel; nevertheless, he also loves experimenting with other genres. Along with an affinity towards music he also expresses himself through his venture as a tattoo artist in a beautiful cafe he runs in Lazimpat named ‘Bumblebee Cafe’.  

The song “Sapana ko Ghar”, was written and composed by Lujan Rai Dongol himself, and produced by our in-house producer Storenutter in ClassX studios. The song has a melancholic and nostalgic undertone, both in the lyrics and its music video. The cinematography was done by Sayun Shakya who also shot and directed the video, while the production management was done by PriNce, perfectly setting a gloomy, chilled-out and relaxed mood attuning to the musical style and ideations behind it. The music video features Lujan himself as the male lead, Aashma as the female lead, and Melani as a supporting character. 

The music video coordinates well with the song, tying in together to capture lingering feelings as he reminisces about a lost relationship along with losing the hopes and dreams two had for a possible future together. Despite life moving forward with new people, and new memories in making, Lujan finds himself pondering over the wistfulness of what-could-have-been, should-have-been, and might-have-been in his connection with a past lover Aashma — as he unexpectedly catches a glimpse of her across the street while waiting outside a store for his current girlfriend Melani. A roadway separates them, yet their longing hearts are connected in a way, latched onto the reveries of a future they would have built together. 

Delighted to introduce two new voices and faces to our listeners, we are very excited for the release of upcoming projects with various other artists as well. 

For this week’s coming release on Friday, we are excited to be introducing an original single by Prabesh Khanal.

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes on ClassX Spotlight. 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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