Prabesh’s About Our Love

On the third episode of ClassX Spotlight — an ongoing series where we are releasing original songs by our new talents —  we featured Prabesh Khanal with his song “About our love” last Friday. He is a singer/songwriter who mostly writes his lyrical compositions and expressive spoken word poetry in English, exploring both his musical and creative writing skills. Prabesh did a lot of gigs in Thamel back when he was in Kathmandu but is currently studying production in India. 

The song “About our love” was written, composed, and performed by Prabesh Khanal himself. The sentimentality of its musical and lyrical composition complements well with his tender yet energetic vocals. The song is about losing someone who was not only a lover but also his muse. Lyrically, he explores the feelings of inadequacy when someone they pictured a future with is no longer with them in the present moment. The contemplation on their parts that they played in the ending of a relationship, the self-inquiry of where one could have done better, and what more they could have done to keep the other around despite giving it their best shot. Against these heavier questions and reflections, the song conveys a lighter note when he sings a verse that starts with the line “But you’re still in my head”. Despite his lover being gone or their memories that still linger inside his mind, she has a place in his heart, and that’s somewhere he can still drive inspiration from for his art. 

The music video was shot and directed by cinematographer Sayun Shakya along with production manager, PriNce in the music video. The video is a dreamy replay of a seemingly loving relationship gradually coming to an end. The video features male lead Aniket Adhikari, the SLC Prince of 2017, a freelance artist, and is currently working as a personality development coach. He is the administrative head at Public Speaking Academy Nepal and gives public speaking training. The female lead Renee Gurung, Miss SEE of the year 2019, is also a freelance artist and a runway model.

We hope that you have been enjoying the original releases. With more artists and original songs to come, do stay tuned and updated for the next release.

For today’s release, we are excited to be introducing an original single by Sabing.

Stay Safe. 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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