Sabing: Sabda Kordai Chu

On the 4th episode of our ongoing series, ClassX Spotlight, where we introduce young and talented artists, singer/songwriter Sabing was featured last Friday with his original song, “Sabda Kordai Chu” starring Smriti Khatri. He has got a unique saccharine voice with a subtle wispy feel that would effortlessly get one into a sentimental mood.

The music video accompanying Sabing’s original song “Sabda Kordai Chu”, was shot and directed by cinematographer Sayun Shakya, and the production management was done by PriNce. The sublime visuals and musical arrangement along with fervent chemistry between the couple sets a dreamy and idealistic atmosphere in the music video. A soothing vocal with distinctive lightness in his voice further delivers a pacifying disposition to the music video as well as the song itself.  

The music video visually portrays a guy falling in love with a girl, perhaps destined to cross paths, meets her everywhere he goes. The music video features Sabing himself as the male lead and female lead Smriti Khatri who’s got a massive following on TikTok with over 78k followers. Their gravitation towards each other gently develops with every scene and framing, with whimsical exchanging of glances every time they run into each other, which leads up to an eventual union. 

In his heartfelt lyrical expression, he sings about his constant thoughts about the girl who has taken up his psyche, perpetuating him to write about her more and more. He describes their momentary glances along with fleeting yet powerful memories of her from when they ran into each other constantly. Unknown about their fate together, he pictures them together while confessing to having been wholly devoted to her from the get-go. The song articulates authentic emotions of finding solace in the rapturous memories of someone he’s fallen in love with, relishing in the recollection of all of her quirks in minute details. 

We hope you have been tuning into the originals from our young artists. We have more lined up to be released every Friday. We will be introducing “Panorama” tomorrow with their original track “Bhramko Taranga”.

Stay safe. 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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