Bhram Ko Taranga

On the sixth episode of ClassX spotlight, we introduced the band “Panorama” with their original song “Bhramko Taranga”. Vocalist Ruban Shrestha, guitarists; Shekhar Lama, and Roshan Mainali (who also does backing vocals) make up the three-man band. The writing, composition, and performance of this song were crafted together by their collective creativity.

The song draws a narrative about one’s experiences in finding a place for oneself in the world. Its accompanying music video shows a boy hallucinating on mushrooms, otherwise known as psilocybin which is a hallucinogenic chemical that makes one experience sensory and auditory distortions. In the music video shot and directed by Sayun Shakya and its production management done by PriNce, lead actor Sarans Maharjan wanders around in the streets, unusually coming across some mushrooms growing under a tree as he rests back beneath a tree. Taking those, he experiences a hallucinogenic trip. He loses himself in an altered reality backed by visual illusions that keep him entertained for hours on the go.

The music video takes us through an out-of-body visual trip, with illusionary effects subtly displaying the gist of his inner experience. It visually depicts how the little guy feels, with his deforming face, dilating eyes, and distorted visionaries. The boy is seemingly elated and feeling ecstatic, delighted by the experience that eventually comes to an end as he comes back to a reality where he has to worry about sustaining himself.

The song is a meticulous juxtaposition of beautifully written poetic lyrics, melodic instrumental arrangement with a delicate folk feel to the track, and pleasing vocals that bring the entire piece harmoniously together. The music makes the viewers and listeners dive into a poignant story of an estranged young boy who embarks on a hallucinogenic trip. 

We are glad to be showcasing new talents on ClassX Spotlight every week and are thankful for all the listeners who’ve tuned into listening to the new artists in this original music video series. We hope to introduce many more artists with their original songs to add to your playlists in the coming days.

Stay tuned for the next release.

Author: Riti Shrestha

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