Featured on Episode 7 of the Class X Spotlight series was an original song “Koseli” By Ashim Thapa, a Nepali singer/songwriter based in the United States. The song was written, composed, and performed on the series by Ashim Thapa, himself. His energetic voice and an effortless flow of the same in this song are strikingly peculiar which certainly set it apart.

The songwriting is distinctive with the choice of words, the melody, and his heartfelt performance itself. The musical production seamlessly surges up from a subtle melody into a dynamic chorus, and his voice paired up with that brings an invigorating life to the entire song. His emotional, energetic vocals juxtaposed with a gentle musical melody add a very intriguing element that persists throughout the entire song. The lyrical wordplays with their poetic grace accentuate the song’s distinctive melody even more.

The music video shot in the states walks us through an unfolding of a relationship between the actors Sagun and Sishir. Directed by SID and GG, along with executive producer Asim Sah, the exquisite cinematography in it as the scenes transition from day to night along with scenarios played out by the actors perfectly depict an ever-changing dynamic of a relationship. With inevitable highs and lows, the music video paints an authentic picture of two in a partnership that withstands all challenges and chooses the other in the end; despite all the turbulence that comes with it. The song’s vigor complements its visual storytelling in the music video, and its meticulous camerawork that captures the atmosphere as well as the actors’ emotions. 

We hope the Class X spotlight has introduced our listeners to exciting new music and artists so far. Because of the continuous love and support from our listeners, this series was a very exciting one for us to put out as well. With this last episode, we hope you all stay tuned for our future projects and ventures too. 

Stay Safe! 

Author: Riti Shrestha

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