Vek’s debut album Sampanna out now.

VEK had been gearing up to release his debut album, “SAMPANNA” whilst dropping a few of the songs from the album since 2019. Initially set to be released in 2020, it got postponed due to the pandemic, and had been an ongoing project. This 28-track project was finally polished and completed in 2021, and the album was launched in Club Platinum on the 8th of December last Wednesday. 

A handful of the tracks from the album had already been released on his YouTube channel, including his debut “Kina”, the heartbreak anthem “Eklai jiuna sikey” that captured a lot of hearts, and a soaring, powerful, catchy track “Lai bari Lai”. The album is loaded and brimming with numerous other delightful tracks we are hearing for the first time, many of which we are sure will be the next fan favorites. 

The album combines a range of different genres and styles, revealing VEK’s charismatic authenticity along with his unmistakable versatility as a singer/songwriter. Starting off with a stimulating and energetic opener “Vekscuse”, progressing to more mellowed out tracks like “Bachau Malai”, “Sakchu”, this long-awaited album “SAMPANNA” is evidently a very exciting look at what Vek really has to offer as a rising multifaceted artist in the industry.  

Alongside our ClassX in-house producers, Storenutter, SNJV, and RollerX, VEK has collaborated with a number of different producers to bring this album together into its final product, ensuing in an array of different sounds that add to his diverse musical expressions. Additionally, including a lot of his singles, he has also featured various artists in a lot of his tracks, including the in-house artists Yabesh Thapa, Dong, Zeroo, Jay Author (Metanoia Records), Bizen, OMG SPARK, 5:55, Takki, DJ Bki Cool, and Lil Rock Look.

The pre-order for the album has already kicked off, and you can get yourself a copy of “SAMPANNA” on our website, . We’re super thrilled about the release of this long-awaited record, now available on all major streaming platforms. We look forward to seeing the tracks in your winter playlists! 

And as always, we appreciate all the constant love and support from all of you. Stay warm and stay safe.

Author: Riti Shrestha

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