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The beautiful and talented Kengal Mehar Shrestha has been up to something for the past couple of months. Kengal Mehar Shrestha, a top 5 participant from -Nepal Idol S1 has lots of popular songs “bhawana”, “sabda haru” and many more on 2018-19. Kengal’s “Jau na aau” with the band ‘The Uglyzz’ was just glued on our tongues. 

After hits and hits on her songs, she released “Anyol ” last year. The song has  a mixture of electrifying, astonishing and a bit sensational tune that was created by Storenutter. He says that it took him only a day to write the verse and a week to complete the whole song. Hard work definitely pays off.

Kengal’s ‘Anyol’ was more about confusion. The feeling that puts us in a powerful dilemma, Artist and songwriter  Storenutter wrote it in a way that hits us right in the core and Kengal’s voice was truly an embellishment to it. A lost mind and the song talks about how one could feel separated even after staying under the same roof.  About the lost connection between two partners. The slow tempo song is Kengal’s favorite till date. 

Moving on to its contiguity, we have “Nisabdh” right on the way.  It is another craft which the team had been working on for a long time. Also written, composed and produced by our never-stopping busy bee Storeonutter.  This is a song about one trying to escape the realities of life. Tired of not being able to explain to people about the issues one is going through.This is about one trying to fly up in the sky leaving all behind. Figuring out the connection? Absolute point. 

 The music production now, this time is different than it was earlier. This is going  to go at an upbeat tempo with drops in between. Motifs and echoes for us to be attached is must when it’s Kengal’s. One listening to it for the first time would have to  analyze it to figure out the pain in the lyrics because of the beats blended in this music.  Staring at the ceiling or out of the window interpreting the song doesn’t sound very boring.  We are to connect the two songs to each other. 

The two songs “Anyol” and “Nisabdh” being interconnected to each other is to be paid attention to. From the composition to lyrics, it perfectly contrasts our lives as partners or simply human beings.  

From feeling isolated to wanting to feel the touch of clouds, Kengal Shrestha expresses the emotions through her voice magnificently. Well, beyond any doubt, it is Kengal Mehar Shrestha. 

The director of the video Mr. GM and the team are going to be witnessing Kengal’s dance moves in the music video. How exciting it is. The moves are choreographed by Hearts To Beat and Witch Hazels (Ayesha Ghising, Angela Shakya, Bidhya Pudasaini & Neesha Magar).

Now the locations of this masterpiece are being filmed in some very beautiful places. ‘Shades’ in  Baluwatar, a place full of greenery in the city of Kathmandu. And Plan B. in Thamel, as well as a very new spot for fun night clubbing. These two beautiful locations that we too will be seeing in the music video. Would curiosity and excitement stop us from waiting until the music video is out. For some of us, probably not. 

Let’s have patience because we know Kengal rocks every time.

Author: Kasis Shahi

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