Despite You Tubing all night, you may have missed out on a beautiful musical story presented by Ncell. Released just a month ago. “Bada Dashain ko Subhakamana” is a heart-warming story created about a grandfather wanting to connect to his granddaughter with the conflict being the generation gap.

A granddaughter living in a world of technology while the grandfather simply wanting to spend time with his loved ones feels the void. Hence, he realizes the need to learn about the up-to-date technology so as to be accepted as a member to fit in.

Determined Grandfather, the love and the affection doesn’t let him give up. The environment he was living in encouraged him to do the needful where he would feel chosen. The result of Grandpa’s patience and dedication clearly demonstrated his love and care for his dear granddaughter. He challenged himself every day until he finally accomplished it.

And well, who doesn’t succeed if they keep trying?

The grandfather and granddaughter happily connect in the end where the visuals touches any viewer. It is a must watch film for us all in order to figure out if there is something we have not realized yet.

The short musical film was crafted by the amazingly talented Director Abin Bho and his Team. Abin is also currently running Pasa Productions. The song was written by Ananta Poudel and sang by Dixita Karki, which made it more emotionally impactful. The euphonious music to the film was composed and produced by Storenutter (ClassX Presentation).

The lovely narration by Madan Das Shrestha (Grandfather) show crafted wonderful work. The casting was done by Casting Director Sarita Giri who was very good with her selection of casts in terms of characters’ placement and the story.

The team and the casts, Madan das Shrestha (Grandfather), Rooneshma Shrestha(Granddaughter), Aarogya Giri(Grandson), Shekhar Chapagain(Father) and Anamika Lamichhane(Mother) dedicated themselves fully and passionately to this creation.

However, the amazing outcome was not free of constraints. Just as the project was being planned, Dashain was almost around the corner. Storenutter at ClassX’s Studio and the team were not sure if the film would make it. They thought it would not be possible as they had very little time.

Likewise, due to the time crunch, it was unlikely for Singer Dixita to make it till the deadline whilst the day was almost approaching. The team worked in overdrive and with extreme determination as they picked the goal to finish the task set out by themselves.

Later, the discussion about the project at ClassX Studio totally changed when Singer Dixita stepped in and narrated Director Abin Bho’s idea. Everyone agreed upon the beauty of that concept and it was a ‘YES’. “Dixita did a great job with her vocal performance.” says the music producer Storenutter.

Abin explained the musical composition, arrangement, scoring and many more to the team in no time wherefore the film had to be completed within a week. It took less than 5 days for the film to be completed. All in all, the team reveals that the project was completed in a great rush.

All it takes is passion and full dedication to derive something we dream and strive for. The Team’s hard work made it possible for us to receive that incredible response. The wonderful concept, the lyrics, the voice, the music, the performance and everything that was in the film is evident of the beauty of an individual as well as team’s enthusiasm. Along with the success of the project, we learned even more. With all the love received from the audience to the film, everything turned out to be worth it.

Author: Kasis Shahi

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