“Glad to be back to my second home” Mallika says.

Mallika GG, a multi talented girl with various passions and great interests has now come back to us.  Mallika joined ClassX in 2016 and shortly after, she took a break to explore more in her world.

She says “I gave my time and priorities to my work.” which has led her to success in her interest. She followed her passion in the fashion industry. 

She went and took the fashion designing course which she says is still ongoing. She also expresses that it’s fun. It’s wonderful to see that she is achieving and taking steps closer to her dreams. And now, with no surprise from her genuine attentiveness in fashion, she is running her very own clothing store “M’s Station” in  Boudha, Kathmandu. She has some really cool pieces there or iconic we should name it.

 Now that her clothing venture is up and running well, we are going to hear more of Mallika this year as she is planning to work on a number of songs now on. 

 “ClassX has always been like a second home to me.” She is content to be back again after this many years. So are we. Her voice would really be medicine to all what we have missed in these several years and to 2023.

She is coming into sight with “Aau ma sanga gaau”. A song that is about enjoying life the way it is and not to prioritize someone else’s opinion over yours, us putting ourselves first.

She will also be chaperoning the music with a dance crew as well. With the excitement running in us, the cherry on top is that the music video is being directed by the talented Sayun Shakya, therefore, we know it’s going to be jaw droppingly beautiful.

Author: Kasis Shahi

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