Blue eyes, hypnotize

“Blue eyes, hypnotize.” the classic of 2013/14. But this time, we shall now prepare ourselves for “blue eyes with lights, hypnotize.” 

Honey Singh aka Yo Yo Honey Singh, a bollywood singer/rapper/songwriter, will be coming to Nepal for the first time. On April 8th, an event that is put on by Unify will be taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Boudha. The tickets are available through E-sewa. Yep, April 8th. ClassX Presentation artists Vek, Yabesh and Dong are also on stage together. This is the second time ClassX artists will be performing with an Indian artist. With King, Divine, Astha Gill, and the upcoming Honey Singh, they have shared the stage. Yet, this is the first time three of the artists from the ClassX Presentation are making an appearance on a stage together with an Indian artist. 

Malvika Subba and Sanjay Gupta will serve as the event’s hosts. This is the ideal chance to experience a variety of musical styles from a variety of musicians, and that too separately or in every humanly possible ways. 

Will we have a raspy voice or no-sound voice when we return home? The chances are never zero but  we will definitely  take home a priceless and unforgettable experience. Honey Singh, Yabesh, Dong and Vek in the same scene. How iconic is that?

Unthinkably fun, but probably worth losing voice for one time for one-life, no? , or at the very least, the rasp.

See however, Things will come and go in life but Honey Singh, Vek, Dong and Yabesh on the same stage might not. So, try not to miss this opportunity and seize the chance for this wonderful time. 

Kasis Shahi.

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