Nephop Nite “Night” on the light.

After a long break, music lovers are getting ready to groove to the beat again. 

LG Association is coming back with one of the best-ever musical events, “Nephop Nite.” It is set to take place on June 2 at the Electric Ballroom in Camden Town, London, featuring a wild lineup of musicians and artists from a variety of genres. 

The event is being organized by the LG Association UK to promote the power of music and live performances. After much patience and longing for the return of this powerful event, the organizers have done their best to put together a diverse lineup and simply a wonderful event that might as well be the best.

The lineup includes many renowned artists who have contributed so much to the Nepali music industry. 

The crew Nepsydaz is a leading band that is the pioneer of the Nepali hip-hop scene. They have been in the industry for a very long time. The event has also brought us our beautiful Sandy, aka Rapstar Sandy. She is a Nepali female rapper based in the UK. Sandy, the woman of style who hooks us, has created several masterpieces. 

The glorious boys from Metanoia Records UK, JA.YB, will also be presenting themselves at the event. How exciting!

Mahesh Dong, who is mostly known by his stage name Dong from ClassX, will also be attending this event. Oh wow! All top-notch artists altogether. Incredibly talented DJs Skazi and Sumith will be storming and rocking the stage.

LG, the organizing team too, plays a vital role in escalating the standard of Nepali events abroad. The event is supported by BSK Entertainment, TOBS, Elite Events, Casino Guys, and Keys Success. 

As news of the event has been spreading around, excitement is building among music lovers in London. Maybe the eagerness of finally having the chance to share a collective bond between us and Nepali music altogether. The event is sure to be a celebration of the power of  music to unite people and uplift moods.

For further details and information for the event; Kris (074628755858), Maxi (07715389142), Motay (07498988141) and Raypen (07775426565) are on to serve.

Author: Kashis Shahi.

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