Kehi Kura (Supral Raj Joshi and Sanyamita Shrestha)

Kehi Kura is to be said. Kehi Kura is coming soon. Literally, “Kehi Kura” is being released soon by one truly amazing duo, Supral Raj Joshi and Sanyamita Shrestha.

A thrilling new composition is about to grace listeners in the lovely surroundings of music, or maybe even sadness, where melodies and rhythms intertwine. Titled “Kehi Kura”, this upcoming song’s beautiful arrangement and soul-stirring lyrics are set to take listeners on an emotionally beautiful journey. 

“Kehi Kura” is a collaborative project that brings together the talents of two incredible artists who are both at the very best of their artistic talents. Supral Raj Joshi is a multi-talented guy who has served as a radio jockey (RJ) as well as a voice actor and has given his voice to many brands. Sanyamita Shrestha is currently pursuing her music degree at Berklee College of Music, USA. 

Supral Raj Joshi, who came up with the idea of the song and had written the first two lines many years ago, finally said his words to a composer/producer Storenutter, who is well-known for creating dreamy soundscapes. Storenutter loved the concept of Supral’s, and they together formed a beautiful composition. They then wrote the whole song in just over a week.  Later, they asked Sanyamita if she would want to be a part of it, and an even better combination resulted from her “YES”.

She produced the music with her friend Inesh Krishnamurhty, with clear, careful attention to every detail and dedication to audio perfection. Ayushman, also known as Mr. GM, directed the video with his exceptional cinematography powers whereas Sunigma Lama was spot on with her makeup skills. Sanyamita visited Kathmandu for a quick trip without informing any of them in advance, and that is when the music video took place.  

And here we are, finally prepared and looking forward to the video’s release after so much uncertainty and doubt. 

The composer, Storenutter, expresses, “I am personally very delighted to see it coming from a female producer. It is the first time ever that a female producer is on board at ClassX Presentation”.

Through the efforts of Supral, who brought everyone together, everything turned actual and possible for us. 

The gorgeous music, lyrics, and cinematography are now on the way. Almost here!

Kashis Shahi

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