Even after separation, love endures

Even after separation, love endures because people may separate, but love does not.

A heartfelt anthem that celebrates the love of two couples even after separation is to be put out soon. 

“Teen Barsha”

The talented singer-songwriter Sanju Moktan and Jybs Gurung collaborated to assemble the piece of music. With a hauntingly mesmerizing voice. They both have won hearts with their previous creations. Sanju Moktan wrote the song with her magical songwriting skills and then asked Jybs if he wanted to come together on this which he found experimental as well as a new experience with a sprinkle of fun and nervousness, he couldn’t refuse and it was finalized. 

Sanju Moktan had recently returned to us after an absence of a whole year because of her throat issue which required surgical treatment. She necessitated rest and was otherwise inactive. And she came back with this bomb; a beautiful story of love. 

The song revolves around reuniting with an ex after three years (Teen Barsha). Both individuals’ cherished memories are recalled back by that moment. Although they are still in love, the guy has already moved on. It’s an expression of affection between two people who have become separated from one another.  The female character emphasizes how much she still desires the main character by describing every aspect of him. Finally, both realize that a healthy partnership requires more than just love. Then came periods, and circumstances, and finally, both sides feel equal blame for the failure of the relationship. 

The day of release draws closer. The song “Teen Barsha” is attracting a lot of attention among music fans. Pre-released glimpses have received praise and excitement on social media, and fans are impatiently waiting for the full musical journey that the song offers. 

The collective creative minds that went into “Teen Barsha” worked together to create this splendid piece.  Music arranement by Storenutter, mixing and mastering by SNJV, Lights work by Bishesh Maharjan, outfit partner Gurkha Store, MandyCraft makeup and beauty partner SanBeauty, the artistic brains. 

The creation of “Teen Barsha” involved much teamwork. The group gave a lot of effort into the MV. The shooting began precisely at noon. After spending 20 hours filming the MV, everything was ready to go. In White Villa, the entire video was filmed. 

Sanju Moktan, Jybs Gurung, Samyukta Rajbhandari, Ajit Tamang and Babita Vlone will be making an appearance on the song. 

“Teen Barsha” is more than just music. Perhaps relatable. 

Author: Kashis Shahi

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