Kamana; a tale of love.

The song Kamana, which circulated online for a while, will finally be released officially.  Yabesh’s Kamana had been around for a while now. 

Yabesh Thapa, popularly known as Yabesh, is a talented singer, songwriter, and performer. He is a rising celebrity who has a soft spot for youngsters. Each of his pieces has a strong power.

The song’s unofficial version, which already has attracted a lot of recognition and is immensely liked by youngsters, was previously released. There had been a lot of love for it. 

Kamana is a tale of love that shines vividly in a world beyond limitations. It’s about a love that always finds its way back, despite the heartbreaks. A lover that adores love from far away, understanding her without words. Where her happiness is his ultimate joy. Being not only her admirer but also the biggest well-wisher too. 

Yabesh Thapa did the guitar work, Storenutter arranged the track and SNJV mixed and mastered the track.  

The music video was filmed by Mr.Gm (Aayushman) over the course of two days at Evoke Cafe and Bistro.  It moved smoothly and without any haste, which allowed the performers to perform even more skillfully. Easther Khadgi and Kiran Tamang both have incredible talent and have done some incredible work in the past. 

Mandy Craft (Mandila Shrestha), a fantastic beauty artist, was in service of giving the artists’ confidence an extra push.

They really make everything light up. 

Yabesh says, “This song is meant to appeal to everybody else. Everyone has a person in their life they wish the best for even if they are not together or might not have a good relationship. It could be a friend, family, parents, brother, girlfriend, partner or whoever. It’s meant for everyone.” 

The song is brilliantly presented in a way that allows us to all relate to it in some capacity. 

Kashis Shahi

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