Mallika GG’s “Katai Tadha”: A Journey of Escape and Connection

Mallika GG, the rising star in the realm of R&B Pop, has returned with her latest music video, “Katai Tadha starring Ashish Gurung.” Produced, mixed, and mastered by the talented Pozod and SNJV, and shot and directed by Storenutter, this captivating release is set to enchant audiences with its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. Released on February 14th, “Katai Tadha” not only marks Mallika’s triumphant return but also introduces a refreshing new flavor to the music scene.

The inspiration behind “Katai Tadha” delves deep into Mallika’s personal experiences. During a period of frustration, she yearned for escape, seeking solace from work pressures. Mallika questioned the necessity of being lost alone when she had a loving partner by her side. Thus, she proposed the idea of distancing themselves from their troubles and cherishing quality time together. The lyrics beautifully capture this sentiment, depicting scenes of escaping with a partner, watching the sunset, and embracing moments of joy and relaxation.

The MV’s shoot took Mallika and her team to two distinct locations. The first scene, set in Nagarkot, presented its own set of challenges as it was situated in an army area. Despite the difficulties in capturing drone shots, the team persevered, albeit facing some technical setbacks. Following the Nagarkot shoot, they journeyed to Banepa, where the indoor scenes were filmed in the cozy confines of Thalia’s Home. Despite starting later than planned, the shoot was filled with laughter and camaraderie, with Mallika and her team feeling more like they were on a family trip than a professional endeavor.

Mallika and her team persevered with determination despite facing challenges, resulting in a memorable production that showcases her talent and creativity, leaving audiences enchanted and eager for more.

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