SNJV Turned a Corrupted Hard Disk into a Catalyst for Creativity

SNJV, a beacon of creativity in the music realm, unveils a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming ep: Lost And Found(“Chor,” “Sambandhit Nikaya,” “Money Gold,” Call me Pablo,” and “Hustle-up,”). These tracks promise a sonic journey blending hip-hop rhythms in “Chor,” “Sambandhit Nikaya,” “Money Gold,”.

Crafted over eight months with a daily ritual of coffee-fueled dedication, SNJV faced an unexpected hurdle when the tracks, meticulously curated, were threatened by a corrupted hard disk. Undeterred, they transformed adversity into innovation, breathing new life into their music.

Guiding this musical odyssey is a producer of exceptional prowess, known for hits like “Ravana” and “Sakdina.”Breaking barriers, the producer not only crafts but also writes and sings, infusing a unique flavor into each single.

As anticipation builds, SNJV invites listeners into a world where each track unfolds a unique chapter. Prepare to be captivated by the symphony of SNJV’s unreleased ep – an uncharted musical journey as diverse and captivating as the group’s eclectic influences.                                                    

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