ClassX Presentation is a mission with the aim of exploring, assembling and organising the emerging music enthusiasts; and providing them a learning, self-exploring and connection-building arena. Often times, we have encountered many flourishing musicians who deserve their place to be heard out in the market, yet due to lagging resources, financial limitations and other restrictions; they are held back from expressing their true potential. Henceforth, ClassX aims to take this step to bring forth these talents by providing them this space to learn, discover and cultivate themselves, free of any charge. We aim to out-bring the aspiring singers and musicians whilst paving their scope in the market and to develop artists’ profile alongside assemble and organise learning spaces for them.

ClassX Presentation is a venture with a non-stereotypical scheme towards creating a stepping stone in the developing phase of the seeking(aspiring) artists. Our project aims on being a bridge and fulfilling the gap between these emerging artists and the market, by helping them learn, explore and showcase their talents to the public. Here, we are looking to grow and foster the music scene of the country while we adopt the collaborative approach, not a competitive one. Our project doesn’t vest interests on any form of show biz, dramas and tantrums. It will only encompass and exhibit 100 percent grounded reality, genuineness and authenticity. ClassX Presentation provides a platform for all of those who have immense compassion for music, art and entertainment field.

Impact through music is what we strive for which we believe will help inspire upcoming generation.